Sad News

Many of you will have seen the story of the loss of an air sea rescue helicopter and its crew off the Irish coast of county Mayo. The tragedy occurred on 22nd March and two of the four member crew are still missing.
It is with deep regret I have to tell you that captain Mark Duffy was the brother of Donard Duffy who worked with me over fourteen tours in as many years.

Mark’s body was located in the wreckage finally brought ashore after eleven days of horrendous storms that prevented its retrieval.

I was able to attend Mark’s funeral in Ireland and came away knowing we are all poorer for the loss of such a gallant public servant. Mark leaves a wife and two children.

The Duffy family are devastated by this terrible loss and although I personally did not know Mark, it is clear from those who spoke at the ceremony that he possessed many of the qualities that bonded Donard and me together.

Donard made many friends on the road, and if any of them wishes to send messages, please use my website address and we will forward them on to the family.

If you would like to make a donation to the RNLI you may do so here.
Mark’s wish would be for you to carry an organ donor card.

Take care of each other.