Songs For Six Strings – E1


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“To pick guitar is a gracious thing”
John Steinbeck

This is the first of six CD’s. All limited to just 1000 copies. Each will consist of six tracks. Each future CD will make up the combined box set of live music from 2009 and later.
The box is included with the first CD. This and future volumes will only be available at live venues or from this website.

The first CD consists of live versions of the tracks:

1. Walk Into The Morning
2. The London Apprentice
3. A small Voice Calling
4. A Feather Fell
5. Cannabis Creek
6. When They Were Young

The box set was designed by Peter Thaine to resemble a pack of guitar strings and will be numbered E1, B2, G3, D4, A5 and E6 to follow standard guitar tuning.

Volume 2, Volume 3 and Volume 4 are now available.


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