The Boy With A Note


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An evocation of the life of Dylan Thomas in words and music.

1. Overture (Son of the Sea Wave)
2. Introductory Narration: Meet the Detective
3. Summer Girls
4. Narration: The Slim Lover
5. Irish Girl
6. Narration: The Fitzroy
7. Slip Shod Tap Room Dance (Soho, So What)
8. Narration: These Soho Streets
9. Narration: No Grown Mans Land
10. Narration: Reprieve of Home (Laugharne)
11. Conundrum of Time (Shouldn’t You Be Dancing)
12. Milk For One (Storm in a Teacup)
13. Narration: Leaving for the States
14. Wonderful Country
15. Caitlin’s Dream (Summer Birds Are Leaving) — Performed by Maggie Reilly
16. Narration: The Certain Tide — Performed by Bob Kingdom as Dylan Thomas
17. Narration: Continuing Investigations
18. Get Me A doctor
19. Narration: The Tunnels “Never End” In Sight
20. I Miss You Most of All
21. Narration: Naked at the Station
22. Cradled in the Rocking Boat


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